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A schedule designed with your home in mind. Home experts in your region, based on your homes materials and makeup, your weather, and your climate as well as your home ownership goals.

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Home Calendar hunts amazing partners who will provide steep discounts and excellent quality to you when you need them.

Designed by pros.

Every day we meet with new home pros in all parts of the country to better refine our home maintenance schedule - even helping you to prevent needing to call them!

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We're excited to announce a couple of great new features to your Home Calendar as well as an upcoming one we want to prepare you for.
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Outdoor Hot Tub Maintenance
Hot tubs are meant to be enjoyed. But just like pools, forgetting basic maintenance can both be disgusting and dangerous.
9 Natural And Effective Cleaners For The Home
Do you have kids or pets and want to keep things clean without the harmful toxins that go along with a lot of traditional products? We’ve identified some of the best performing natural cleaners that don’t trade non-toxic for non-performing.
5 Top Tips To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
Making your home energy efficient is a worthy goal that every homeowner can achieve. We have tracked down the best in class in multiple categories, bringing you a range of possibilities and price points to fit different approaches and budgets. These products will not only pay for themselves over time and raise your home's value, but they will also ensure you're doing your part for the planet and future generations to come.
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Yearly Hot Tub Maintenance
Once a year, your hot tub will need a little extra care. A thorough draining and cleaning will help extend the life of your tub and ensure years of use.
Monthly Hot Tub Maintenance
Beyond daily and weekly maintenance, your hot tub will need additional, more detailed care every month to extend its longevity and safety for all users.
Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance
Keeping your hot tub clean and safe for all requires diligent maintenance. While some of these actions should be completed on a by-use basis, this weekly reminder will help you keep up the health of your hot tub.
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