Yearly Hot Tub Maintenance

Once a year, your hot tub will need a little extra care. A thorough draining and cleaning will help extend the life of your tub and ensure years of use.

Drain and clean the hot tub at the end of season or yearly to protect your investment and extend the life of the tub and hardware. It's the perfect time to chemically clean the filter, shell and cabinet. 

A plumbing system flush is highly recommended every year to remove stubborn debris and even unwanted bacteria that can cause folliculitis. If you suspect your hot tub has contaminants, a flush can be carried out at any time by draining the hot tub of all water.

A yearly inspection is a great way to head off any major problems that could have been prevented. A professional inspection will give you peace of mind knowing your spa is in great working order and good for another year of enjoyment.