What Vacuum Should I Buy?

The market is full of different vacuums, and it may seem like a daunting task to choose a model for all your needs. We have reviewed the top-rated and most popular vacuums (with a few under-appreciated models), to help narrow down the search for your next carpet workhorse.

Cordless Vacuums 

Cordless vacuums have their apparent advantages. Their go-anywhere approach makes them an excellent choice for maneuverability, and while they usually have a smaller capacity, they make a perfect option if you have a house or apartment without much ground to cover.

GOOVI Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The first thing you notice right out of the box is this thing is light. It is under five pounds letting you whip around from room to room making back aches a thing of the past. Aside from its light weight, the power is not lacking either. The 150-watt motor spins up quickly with its brushless motor, making it ultra quiet, ensuring that the cleaning party does not have to end when the kids go to sleep. 

The GOOVI is a pleasure to use on everything from hardwood, tile, and carpet and we love how it converts down into a mini-vac providing the perfect tool to get under the furniture. 

The half liter capacity is right in line with the industry standard. For bigger jobs, you may be stopping to empty quite frequently, which is not a con of this specific model but of all cordless vacuums on the market.

GOOVI Stick Vacuum Cleaner
$110.48 The GOOVI has excellent power and is extremely quiet, which is perfect for your late night cleaning adventures. Exceptionally lightweight at 4.85 pounds, features a rechargeable lithium battery, and has a low price of $110.
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Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you're desiring a more powerful motor, packed with features, the Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent choice.

This powerhouse has a 450w motor and boasts a 60-minute run time on regular suction settings. It also runs for twenty-four minutes in extreme mode, pulling that hard to get dirt and grime out of any surface all day long.

Nothing is worse than going to use your cordless device but then realizing you did not put the battery on the charger. Tineco has solved that problem by providing its two battery system, so when one battery dies, another will be ready for work when you are. 

When it comes time for emptying Tineco has designed a lever that you pull and the rubbish drops in the trash, so there is no need to remove a cartridge exposing the air to the dust you've worked so hard to seal in. 

It comes standard with many attachments and accessories for those hard to reach places, even having a locking power button that you push once, so no need to hold down as you go. With its emerald color scheme, this vacuum not only means business but is a stylish accessory to any home. 

Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
$269.90 Standard 60 min runtime with 450-watt suction and an 0.6L capacity this attractive unit is 5.5 pounds and comes with a two-year warranty
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Dyson Stick V8

Did you ever want to have a controlled cyclone at your fingertips? 

Look no further than the Dyson V8 because this one has fifteen separate radial cyclones that create a phenomenal amount of power and what some people might deem overkill. Not here though, we loved the light trigger that releases instantly and its 40 minutes of use meaning you don't have to go back to charging station for more juice. 

The V8 comes standard with its own docking station so it is always charged and ready to rock when you need it. The advanced HEPA filtration not only traps all the microdust and particles but it actually makes the air cleaner after your done with the job, which is great if you have some members of your household with nagging allergies and dust sensitivities. 

Transforming to a handheld in seconds the Dyson is ready for the staircase or to get under the cushions, and when it's ready to empty simply hold it over a trash bin and watch it eject the dirt and dust safely without spreading the particles into the air. This is one vacuum that might have you coming home early, just to go over that living room carpet one more time.

Dyson V8 Cordless Stick Vacuum
$349.98 The Dyson V8 animal offers cord-free hassle-free cleaning for up to 40 minutes. Powered by the Dyson V8 motor, this machine has the most powerful suction of any cordless vacuum. Whole machine HEPA filtration captures allergens and expels cleaner air than the air you breathe.
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Corded Vacuums

Moving on to traditional cord designs trades off convenience for raw power. 

Bissel Cleanview

Take the Bissel Cleanview, for example. It specializes in pet hair pickup with a coarse brush that makes sure to get the hair and dirt embedded deep in those carpet follicles. It has excellent maneuverability, a modern look, and is sure to keep your floors, carpet, and wood looking spic and span for years to come. 

What's smart about this model is the rewind system, so you never have to worry about wrapping up the cord again. Both lightweight and practical, there is no better model at this price range do the basics better.

BISSELL Cleanview
$139.99 Large capacity, classic bagless design, and a push-button cord rewind system
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Shark Apex

Stepping up in features and in price is the Shark Apex. It is both a powerful push model as well as a detachable piece that is perfect for getting under those couch cushions or that hard to reach spider web. 

We love how Shark addresses the problem of hair or string getting caught on the roller with its Zero M technology. It removes the tangles from the roller as your vacuuming, so you don't need to stop every few minutes and manually pull them off. 

This Shark is called the Duo clean because it both cleans and polishes, meaning that as you use it on your hardwood or tile flooring, it finishes them with a shine making this a great option if you have multiple kinds of flooring throughout your house. With a 30-foot power cord, LED lights, and 1350 watts of power, the Duo Clean will impress you with its features and heralded build quality.

Shark Apex Vacuum Cleaner
$329.81 Featuring DUO clean technology that not only vacuums but polishes the hardwood and laminate surfaces this model has a self-cleaning brushroll, LED lights for darker areas and separates easily into a small mobile unit for stairs and hard to reach places.
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Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright

Do you or a household member have allergies that can flare up when the dust is kicked up into the air from vacuuming? Alternatively, maybe you have that expensive plush carpet that you worry about damaging with harsh brushes. Either way, the Soniclean upright has got you covered.

The Sonicclean utilizes unique sonic vibrations and super soft nylon bristles to remove deep down dirt while keeping that silky smooth feel of your luxury carpet intact. One of our favorite features is the hospital grade HEPA filtration system which seals dirt, dust, and pet hair in its high quality easy to change bags, so nothing leaks into the air; protecting you and your loved ones from airborne allergens.

The Soniclean is proficient on both carpet or flooring and comes standard with a 35-foot power cord so you can move room to room with ease. With the technology packed inside, it represents a substantial value.

Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner
$359.99 The Sonicclean soft carpet is made for plush carpets and features ultra quiet operation, advanced hospital-grade HEPA filtration, no harsh rollers, and is extremely lightweight at 10.5 pounds.
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Dyson Animal

If you are craving state of the art design and tech that you and your pets will appreciate, then there is only really one option; The Dyson Animal.

It is specially designed with fur owners in mind and has the most suction power in its class. Signature features are its low center of gravity and a super tight turning radius, which makes navigating around all your furniture a breeze. 

Counter-rotating brush heads mean that nothing gets tangled and it comes with a combination tool for getting up to the top of walls as well as a stair attachment that is simple and effective. We love the one-click emptying with HEPA filtration that keeps micro dust particles sealed inside, and it sounds like a quiet turbine engine which puts a smile on your face every time you turn it on. 

Dyson Animal
$498.00 Class-leading suction, artful design, and a lofty brand name for this mid-tier flagship. It's a must for the most demanding of pet-owners.
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Which Vacuum Is Right For Me?

All these vacuums represent different levels of technology and varying price to fit any homeowners needs. Some people have a small space and low traffic, so a compact cordless model like the Tineco or the GOOVI is more than sufficient. Other larger families will find units like the Bissel and Shark to be reliable, robust, and quite intuitive. For that Luxury carpet that needs special protection for brushing and super sensitive allergy needs, the Soniclean represents the best in its class while also being exceptionally quiet.

If you’re looking for a centerpiece that will last for years to come, choose the Dyson Animal because it sets the bar for what is possible and it might just make you look forward to that weekly clean.