The Best Toolboxes And Workbenches

Having the right box for the tool is just as important as having the right tool for the job. Toolboxes aren’t just workhorses for grimy garages, but useful for organization and easy-access all across the home.

Simple Home Organization

These simple boxes can be perfect for the amateur hobbyist, organizing miscellaneous nuts and bolts or keeping your child's small building sets in one place. 

Plano Molding 1354 Stow N Go Tool Box

An excellent choice for inside the home is the Plano Molding 1354 Stow N Go Tool Box.

It has a helpful top section for more essential items but also has four separate pull out drawers each with individual compartments for all kinds of small to midsize objects. The whole thing packs up nicely into a 7.2” x 10” x 11” 2.58lb organization machine.

Plano Molding 1354 Stow N Go Tool Box
$18.81 A small toolbox measuring 7.2 x 10 x 11 and weighing 2.75 pounds featuring four clear pull out drawers and tension locks for extra security.
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Storehouse Toolbox

Another option for a small plastic toolbox to organize all your small household items is the Storehouse Toolbox Organizer.

It is easily stackable to save space and has 18 adjustable compartments in each drawer so you can customize it to your liking. Each of the four drawers also pulls out so you can take one into another room for a project without hauling the whole box. This toolbox is perfect for arts and crafts, jewelry, and works wonders at organizing your children's LEGO sets.

Storehouse Toolbox Organizer
$29.99 Compact 4.4-pound stackable toolbox with four plastic drawers that have 18 different configurations within each one.
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Big Job Toolboxes

So far we have mentioned a couple of small boxes that are nice for hobbies and arts and crafts but let take a deeper dive into steel models with solid construction made for housing tools like ratchets, pliers, and small drills. 

Gearwrench 3 Drawer Toolbox

A compact option that is sleek in design and has a powder coated black exterior is the Gearwrench.

It has three high-quality pull-out drawers so you can see what's inside without piling or stacking. It has a top drawer deep enough for more substantial items as well as a lock to keep things out of reach. A straightforward choice for those who appreciate quality and value.

Gearwrench 3 Drawer Toolbox
$77.71 Three drawer tool box featuring all-metal construction with 2.5 inch top compartment featuring security locking drawers, and handle for easy transportation.
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Craftsman 3 Drawer Metal Toolbox

We all know Craftsman. They have been setting the standard for shop tool boxes and cabinets for years. Constructed in the USA, high quality, with a great touch and feel.

We love the smart touch of the drawers automatically locking with no key required just by the top latches closing, meaning when you are carrying it around, there is no worry that the drawers will slide out. At nineteen pounds this is still very mobile, and for more in-depth projects, it is the perfect companion. 

Craftsman also makes this same model but with a ready to go tool set included. The Craftsman 178 toolset with Craftsman 3 drawer toolbox.

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Toolbox
$76.05 Made from rust-resistant metal construction, it features 3 self-locking drawers, with heavy-duty draw bolt latch, and a cover hinge to keep the lid open for accessibility.
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Craftsman 178 Toolset And Toolbox

This two-in-one product is an excellent choice for a new homeowner. Coming with all the necessary sizes of sockets, pliers, and screwdrivers. Each of the pullout drawers is custom molded, so each tool has a specific place keeping you organized and making a one-stop shop for any project in the house. All inclusive, you get 178 high-quality tools as well as the all-metal construction self-locking three drawer box, making this value is unbeatable. 

$210.00 Complete 3 drawer all metal toolbox together with a complete mechanics 178 piece tool set. Each drawer is custom molded and self-locking to prevent unwanted movement during transport.
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Garage Defining Work Spaces

These bigger units provide storage as well as different size surfaces to work on numerous home projects, and all can be set up in different configurations to suit your individual needs.

Craftsman Tool Box Cart

If you’re a beginning do-it-yourselfer and would like to store all of your tools while having a durable surface to work from on wheels, look no further than the Craftsman Tool Box Cart.

A beautiful painted black finish, this all-metal unit is on wheels for easy maneuverability, has two separate pull out drawers, and you can also use the top to work on a project itself. Its durable rubber top can hold up to 350 lbs creating an instant mobile workspace in any small room or in the garage where you may not have a separate workbench.

Husky Extra deep mobile Workbench

So you love to work on old cars in your spare time, and you have an ample sized shop or garage, the Husky Extra Deep 46 in 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench is a built-solid choice because of both its functionality and appearance.

The Husky is tool storage designed with convenience in mind. It has four outlets and two USB ports so you can have a laptop and phone charging while your cordless power tools are always ready for use.

The seven central drawers can withstand one hundred pounds, and the two bottom compartments provide more depth and can hold up to two hundred pounds, letting more cumbersome tools fit comfortably without worry. 

Each drawer features a soft protective liner, so you don't have to think about your things getting unorganized when you move the unit around. On top, you will find a smooth wood surface that makes it a perfect spot to use your computer or even work on things like a small motor. 

The exterior is powder-coated black and rust resistant, which means it can be kept outside and withstand wet climates. Don't worry about putting everything together because the cabinet itself comes fully assembled aside from the wheels which easily slip on in minutes. 

Frontier Ten drawer Heavy Duty Workbench

Another option with some expanded smart features is the Frontier 62 in 10-Drawer Tool Chest Cabinet with Pegboard Back Wall, Heavy Duty Mobile Workbench.

This may be the last workbench you ever need. This large piece features ten drawers of different sizes but also has a pegboard on the back, which means you can hang all your items like pliers, clippers, drills, and screwdrivers that you use most often. The pegboard is easily configurable, making it a breeze to change around to your liking, and you can mount little plastic containers on it for all your tiny nails and screws. 

We love how on the side near the bottom, there is a handy exposed shelf to put things like cans of paint or a broom helping to keep things tidy and visible in your workspace. 

The Frontier has technology and convenience in mind because it comes standard with a nine-foot power cord, plenty of outlets, and even a clamp on arm to mount your computer monitor. You will also find that the spacious wooden top leaves you plenty of room to tackle even the most tedious projects.

So, what toolbox should you buy?

Toolboxes come in many sizes and price points, but we have searched out the very best in every category. If you need to store miscellaneous items or organize your child's building sets one of the smaller plastic units like the Plano or Storehouse can be an excellent choice. If you have some small tools around the house and need the convenience to be lightweight and mobile, a metal unit like the Gearwrench or medium-sized Craftsman 3 drawer/ Craftsman 3 drawer with toolset might be perfect. But if you have a more extensive shop or garage with some larger projects on the horizon, we know you will love the bigger do everything models from Husky or Frontier.