New Features!

We're excited to announce a couple of great new features to your Home Calendar as well as an upcoming one we want to prepare you for.

New Features

Today, we're introducing a couple of new needed features to Home Calendar. If you don't see them live yet, check back in a few hours as we roll them out to the entire userbase.

Edit Frequency

While we have met with countless experts, we know that actions can safely be done at less frequent intervals (or in some cases, more frequent). That's why you now have the ability to edit the frequency of an action!

You can choose from a variety of frequency options from daily, every other day, weekly, biweekly and many more. Whatever fits your schedule and needs.


Another thing that's been missing from Home Calendar is many seasonal actions. We made the decision to hold off on releasing a lot of actions that only occur during summer, winter, fall or spring because our initial release couldn't effectively handle it.

But that's all changed now! Now we, and you, have the ability to change the 'when' of an action. We know there are so many different climates and needs that we couldn't release this without giving you the ability to edit an action to match your local seasons (or lack thereof).

Those in Florida can now 'mow the lawn' from January to December while us in the Pacific Northwest will pack away the mower for 6 months at a time. Home Calendar now accounts for this. Expect to see a bunch of new seasonal actions added in the coming weeks.


Don't forget Notes. We released notes a week ago and have been surprised by the use so far. Great job!

Notes is a great tool to remember products you've used, where you left the voltage meter, or how your kids put up a fit when you asked them to do it.

Coming Soon

Ok, we're really excited about this one -- we've been developing what we believe will be the go-to resource for homeowners and everyone else who cares about the home they live in. 


With community, you'll be able to ask other users (and many pros as well) questions regarding the different actions. A friendly space to share tips and tricks. You can follow questions, give 'thanks', and skip the 'google'.

Local Professionals

This entire application wouldn't exist without the help of dedicated home professionals who gave their advice and lent their knowledge. We also think finding a good local home pro is way harder than it has to be. Instead of searching through fake reviews on Google, we believe that a proven history of expertise and community support is the best way to help narrow down who to hire when things need a fixin'.

That's why we've come up with a simple solution -- we're going to rank home professionals based on the 'thanks' given to them by you, the Home Calendar user. If they help you or someone else out with a great answer to a question, all it takes is one click and they'll receive a 'thanks'.

Home Pro Community Referral

We believe that Home Calendar users are pretty dang smart. That's why you'll soon be able to ask for referrals from other users in your area for different home professionals. 

A Phone App

After these features are wrapped up we'll be putting our head down and pushing out a mobile application (iOS & Android). There are a lot of benefits that an application can provide that we can't do with email/web. We expect this before the end of the year.

So Many More Places To Go

Every day we see people use Home Calendar in new and awesome ways and we want to continue building features that help you become a better, more knowledgeable homeowner.