How To Use Home Calendar

Home Calendar is a powerful tool to track and manage your home maintenance and avoid unnecessary expenses. Let's learn how to become a power user.

Why Even Complete An Action?

One of the things we've found most helpful in the time testing Home Calendar is the simplicity of seeing a detailed history of when we last completed a home maintenance item. When was the last time I changed an air or water filter? When did I last put a protective coating on our hardwood floors?

With an actively updated Home Calendar, you'll have easy access to a full history of your completions, delays, and skips. You'll never have a home maintenance action be forgotten.

Make Your Calendar Yours

Build a calendar that fits your needs. Add our professionally developed actions (you'll find many new ones in articles or by searching). If you find an action doesn't fit your goals, remove it! And of course, add custom actions.

It's Ok To 'Skip'

Our experts are always going to be extra careful when it comes to suggesting a home maintenance schedule. We'd rather be overly cautious when it comes to frequency of some actions. If you find that an action is coming too frequently, there's nothing wrong with 'skipping' it until next time.

Create Custom Actions

Although we're adding new actions every day, there are going to be specific maintenance actions that your home requires that we haven't quite gotten to yet. Try searching, but if no results, click 'create custom action' and fill it out. All you need is a title, a short description, the frequency and you're ready to go.

We use these custom actions to help determine which experts we're going to consult next, so be on the lookout for new, professionally-developed actions that are similar to ones you have created.

View More Than Today

At the top of your list of actions for any day, you'll see a 'dropdown' that has '1 day'. Select that and you can view all of your calendar's actions for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 7 days, or All. 

If you complete an action scheduled for the future it will automatically be moved to 'today' and the next occurrence will be generated based on you completing it today. If an action has a frequency of '30 days' and it was scheduled 15 days from now, if you complete it today it will be scheduled again for 30 days.

This also works for scheduled actions from the past. If you don't 'complete' an action that was scheduled for 5 days ago the next scheduled occurrence will once again be based on 'today' + frequency. It's important to 'complete' an action on the day you actually complete it for the most accurate results.

Share It With Your Friends & Family

The more people that use Home Calendar the more we get to continue expanding our articles, actions, and features. We have a lot of things we want to do that will continue to make your home maintenance goals easier and more complete, but we need your help growing!

Suggest Features & Actions

Have a suggestion? Let me know! Email me, [email protected]