5 Top Tips To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making your home energy efficient is a worthy goal that every homeowner can achieve. We have tracked down the best in class in multiple categories, bringing you a range of possibilities and price points to fit different approaches and budgets. These products will not only pay for themselves over time and raise your home's value, but they will also ensure you're doing your part for the planet and future generations to come.

Small Items for Big Change

Simply replacing the light bulbs in your lamps and track lighting can have immediate effects on your utility bills, and is by far the easiest way to nudge your home in a greener direction. 

Asencia All Glass Vintage Light Bulb

We found that many LED bulbs have a plastic base which can stop the light from projecting in the full 360-degree radius. Asencia has addressed this issue with its Vintage light bulbs that are traditional in shape and feature an all-glass construction. They have the look and feel you are used to but with an 89 percent reduction in power while staying completely dimmable.  

Asencia bulbs come in a convenient 6 pack and will last 13.7 years with the average usage of 3 hours per day, meaning there is less worry about them burning out or needing replacements.  

Most LED lights we have tried offer a cold blue/pure white light.  No one wants to get home from work and still feel like they are still at the office. The Asencia has a warm natural glow that we know will be pleasing to your eyes.

Asencia AN-03666
$17.99 A vintage-style all glass LED bulb with a soft light appearance and an 89% reduction in energy compared to the standard 40-watt equivalent.
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High Sierra Low Flow Showerhead

A low flow 1.5 GPM shower head is a smart way to save money on your water bill, especially if you have a large family.  We have found one option that is practical, high quality and easy to install. It is also proficient at preventing the mineral buildup that is usually associated with some other typical water-saving models.  

High Sierra has taken stock of the typical problems associated with low flow showerheads and come out with a high-efficiency 1.5 GPM model that will make your next shower both enjoyable and economical.  

Reviewers noted that they loved the high pressure and maneuverability of the head, while others said that it brought down their water bill 40% which is significant when considering some families can pay upwards of $500 a month in water costs alone.  

If you own a  tankless water heater, an issue some customers found was during the use of the trickle function; In some cases, people reported that the water came out much colder, so we suggest that if you do have a tankless system that you experiment and find the best settings that work with your water heater. 

This attractive piece is available in four finishes, including our favorite, oil-rubbed bronze, making it an easy task to find a style to match any decor.

High Sierra's Low Flow Showerhead with Trickle Valve
$50.00 High Sierra's 1.5 gpm showerheads are the newest and most innovative high-efficiency GREEN showerheads available. The patented technology creates a spray that feels like a much higher flowing showerhead while saving potentially hundreds of dollars a year in water and energy.
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TrickleStar 7 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip

Replacing outdated non-efficient power strips is an effective way to make all your electronic devices and appliances run smoother and consume less electricity.

The Tricklestar is a plug strip that is energy efficient with an intuitive design. Available in stylish black or white it is low cost but packed with many useful features. 

The Tricklestar senses when your big energy sucking items like the TV or computer are sleeping and lowers the output accordingly, saving you money.  We like the three-way switch that breaks the power threshold into three modes, which ensures that every device will be powered correctly and receive the right voltage.

TrickleStar 7 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip
$25.99 Energy saving seven outlet power strip with surge protection and LED status indication.
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Energy Control and Monitoring Solutions

Requiring less than an hour of installation, a smart thermostat and energy monitor can give you an idea of how much power your home is using at the moment so you can track and control your overall usage. Stop tinkering with outdated timers so you can spend more time attacking all your energy goals in style and straight from your smartphone. 

Nest (T3007ES) Learning Thermostat

The Nest smart thermostat can help you tackle the most considerable energy drain in your household; the heating and cooling system. 

Studies have shown that typical consumers have saved 10-12 percent on heating and 15 percent a year on cooling, making this device pay for itself in less than two years. 

Nest learns your schedule, raising and lowering the temperature so there is no more fiddling with those traditional thermostats that can be both tedious and confusing. Choose from a variety of algorithms that help you save money when your not home and enjoy the motion sensing feature that automatically turns on the display, letting you clearly read the time and temperature from a distance.  

We love that this product because it gives you the freedom to control it from a laptop, smartphone, or your favorite assistants like Alexa and with the Nest’s easy setup, most people will be up and running in thirty minutes or less. 

Nest T3017US Learning Thermostat
$199.99 An energy efficient smart thermostat that works with your devices coming in five colors and featuring quick setup and easy to read digital display.
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Sense Energy Monitor: Electricity Usage Monitor

It can be challenging to know where to start your energy improvements if you don't know what your total energy costs are right now. The Sense Energy Monitor tackles that problem by tracking all the energy your house consumes right from your computer or smartphone. 

The Sense monitor tracks your usage and then converts it into dollars and cents which means that every time you buy green products, you can then measure their financial effects in real time and not have to guess or make estimations.

No need for a licensed electrician to install and a less than 30-minute install process.

Breaking data down by day, week, month, or year, you'll discover new opportunities to save money by clearly seeing what in your home could be replaced to improve its overall efficiency.  

The Sense is also perfect if you own a vacation home or rental property, making it as simple as opening an app to monitor, even from miles away. 

Sense Energy Monitor: Electricity Usage Monitor
$299.00 An easy to install smart energy monitoring system giving you a baseline for breaking down your energy usage by day, month, year, and billing cycle.
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Where to start?

There is no wrong place to start when it comes to making your home more energy efficient.  You can do simple tasks like plugging your electronics into smart power strips or installing high quality LED lighting.

You can tackle the water bill by installing a capable 1.5 GPM low flow showerhead, or quickly gain control over your energy consumption by installing a smart thermostat and monitor. Depending on your state, you may even qualify for rebates as an incentive to purchase for larger items like dishwashers and washer/dryers.  

One thing to count on is that all of these products will pay for themselves over time, both in quality and efficiency. Long gone are the days of efficiency over comfort and capability.