Replace Water Filters

Pitcher, faucet and refrigerator filters do not technically filter water; rather, they improve the taste of tap water by reducing metals and additional chemicals. Most filters do not remove microbial elements but are effective in making tap water much healthier and palatable.

If you are worried about the safety of your drinking water, there are under the counter solutions for more advanced water filtration.

For those of us who find their normal tap water not as palatable, a pitcher, faucet or refrigerator water filter system works perfectly to remove some of the sharp minerality in our tap. But they only work when they are replaced with some frequency.

Faucet water filter replacements. Pitcher water-filter replacements.

The majority of filters will last effectively for about 2 months. We find that on-tap water filters are the simplest way (and far more space saving) to filter our drinking water. But if you require ultra-cold water a pitcher filter is also an option.

The same goes for In-Refrigerator Water Filters.

What You'll Need
Waterdrop 320-Gallon Long-Lasting Water Faucet Filtration System
$19.99 Reduces lead, fluoride and many other contaminants Reduces 93% of chlorine Upgraded ACF filter with high adsorption capacity 320-gallon or 6 months long filter life 0.5 gpm steady flow rate