Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening

If you cut your own grass, chances are you've flinched at the sound of a nice big rock coming into contact with your blade spinning at 3000 RPMs. Rocks, sticks, and just general use puts a lot of wear and tear on your blades. The good news is that you can DIY sharpen your lawn mower's blades whenever you want in about 10 minutes.

This action requires a rotary tool and blade sharpening attachment. If you don't already own a Dremel or something like it, seriously consider purchasing one. They're relatively cheap and can make quick work of tasks like these. 

Sharpening Lawn Mower Blades Using a Rotary Tool

  1. Attach the lawn mower blade sharpener to your rotary tool
  2. Flip your mower on it's side (you can also remove the blade and secure it in a vice, but that's not necessary for a simple walk-behind mower)
  3. Clean any excess dirt & debris from the blade
  4. Set the rotary tool to 25 (x1000 RPM) and turn on
  5. Use the plastic guide to keep the angle of the stone consistant against the beveled edge of the blade
  6. Move the the tool back and forth to form a nice, smooth edge 
  7. Sharpen each side of the blade for about an equal amount of time as to keep the blade as balanced as possible (an unbalanced blade can be wobbly when the mower is on)
What You'll Need
Attachment Kit for Sharpening Outdoor Gardening Tools
$14.40 A 3-pack of rotary tool attachments for sharpening blades on lawn mowers, garden tools, and chain saws.