Keep Wood Furniture Looking Great

If you have real wood furniture this maintenance reminder will keep them looking great for years to come.

This action is intended for use with only real polished wood furniture.

Hopefully, you've been keeping up with your 'dusting' routine. Frequent dusting can prevent micro scratches that are highlighted when light is directed at your furniture.

Unless your furniture is plastic coated it's best to avoid cleaning them with abrasive cleaners or in general use too much water. If you need to clean a sticky mess or caked on birthday cake then use a damp cloth dipped in a mild soap/water mix and spot clean. Dry immediately with a microfiber cloth. 

To have your wood furniture looking its best use a silicone-free spray polish. Apply and then with a microfiber cloth using a circular motion remove it.

Every Couple Years -- Wax!

To really protect your wood furniture you'll want to wax it. Waxing creates a hard protective layer. It does add a gloss so if you're looking for a matte finish you may want to find an alternative

Paste wax is not difficult to apply but it can be time-consuming. Before applying the wax, dust and clean the piece thoroughly. You don’t want to rub the wax in with any debris. Pour about a tablespoon of wax into the center of cotton cloth (a cloth diaper works well) and roll the cloth around until the wax is all over the rag. 

Start in one spot and apply the wax in a circular motion, adding more as needed, until the piece is covered. After the whole surface becomes dull (from the wax drying), clean off the surplus wax with a different clean cloth. Then use a buffing cloth to buff the wax into an even sheen. 

What You'll Need
Guardsman Clean & Polish For Wood Furniture
$4.00 Clean, enhance, and protect the natural beauty of your wood furniture with Guardsman's line of wood polish and cleansers. Made without artificial glosses, Guardsman wood treatment is designed to showcase your woods natural luster and shine.
AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - 24-Pack
$13.00 The soft microfiber used in these cloths is super absorbent and made to trap dirt, grime, and other particles without leaving any lint or streak residue behind or scratching paints, coats, or other surfaces. The soft, non-abrasive microfiber material can absorb eight times its own weight and doesn't require any chemicals to clean.