Consider Replacing Your Mattress

We spend 8 hours a day (if we're lucky) on a mattress. Make sure you are doing your body right by replacing it every so often.

I want to share with something that changed my life a couple of years ago. I had been sleeping on [namebrand] mattress for just about 5 years. It was good, but the 5 years had taken its toll. I went mattress shopping and tested the big brands and was budgeting for something around $2,000. It seemed excessive but a healthy night's sleep is important to a great day.

For months I read reviews, compared brands and model differences between stores and was getting more and more uncomfortable in my aging mattress. So, I jumped on Amazon and found a $280 12-inch foam mattress just to get me through a couple of months. It came in a small-ish square box and looked ridiculous after unpacking.

Three years later and it's just as comfortable -- I don't need to replace it but a wallet-friendly price of $250 I just might. Even if I replaced it every year it would cost less than keeping that $2,000 mattress.

If your back is bothering or you've noticed some sag in your mattress, I urge you to try it out. Regardless, if you've been sleeping on a mattress for 5 years it is definitely time to start shopping around.

What You'll Need
Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch
$269.00 Zinus designed the Cloud Memory Foam Mattress collection to include a plush, quilted cover and a unique combination of foam layers that provide a cloud-like, luxury feel. The innovative foam layering system shapes itself to your body to give you a pressure relieving, customized sleep experience.