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Don't Let a Broken Appliance Break Your Budget.

An American Home Shield® Home Warranty covers the repair or replacement of up to 21 components of your major home systems and appliances*.

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Is A Home Warranty Worth It?

That's really up to you. Some of us are a bit more risk-averse. Pay a bit more for a low deductible on our auto insurance or health insurance so that when the time comes, if it does come, we don't surprise our wallets with a big bill or a dent in the credit card balance.

Home warranties aren't universal. Ask your neighbors, maybe only a few have them. But when something does go wrong, as a homeowner, you're stuck with the bill. Appliances break and leak. A handyman just to come out and identify the problem is a couple of hundred bucks already.

If you have to replace the appliance? Well, you know how much that costs.

Why American Home Shield?

14,000 local contractors nationwide at their disposal is amazing. They aren't here to fight you about repairs either. Unlike auto insurance companies who will take you to court over the smallest bill, American Home Shield knows that since home warranties aren't mandatory, their service when something does go wrong matters.