Clean Bathroom Vents

An oft-forgotten vent can build up with dust and mildew and lessen the effectiveness of your bathroom's vent.

Vacuum First

Before we take off the cover we're going to vacuum it in place. This will collect all the loose dust and particles that we don't want just flying everywhere when we take it off.

Remove & Clean Cover

Remove the cover by pulling down until the cover is several inches from the ceiling. Press the spring-loaded wire clips, found on two sides of the cover, together then remove the clips from the slots in the fan housing.

Dish soap and warm water should do the trick here, but if anything is caked on we can always rely on our half vinegar/half water mix to really knock out the grime.

Disconnect The Power & Vacuum

We always want to work safely, especially around electricity. Unplug the vent from its power source and then vacuum away. Use the dusting attachment to work all around the fan's motor and housing.

Put it All Back Together

That wasn't too hard!