Change Lawn Mower Oil

On a new lawn mower, it’s recommended to change the oil after the first 5 hours of use. After the initial oil change, you should plan on an oil change every 20-50 hours of use or at least once a year. Note: you’ll only need to change the oil on four stroke engines. Two stroke engines (and electric mowers) do not need oil changes.
  1. Begin by removing the dipstick (usually grey and labeled “OIL”) from the side of your mower and set it on a paper towel or somewhere where it won’t get dirty -- you don’t want to introduce dirt into your oil system when you put it back in.
  2. Next you can place the oil pan adjacent to the mower, or if you’re using a small container like pictured here, it’s best to hold the container right below the oil tube to minimize potential spillage.
  3. Slowly tip the lawn mower on its side and you’ll see oil will begin flowing out. Set the mower completely on its side for a minute or two to make sure all the old oil is emptied.
  4. After the oil reservoir is empty, tilt the lawn mower back up on to its wheels. Fill the mower with the appropriate amount of new oil (check you mower’s manual if you’re not sure what that amount is). A funnel or flexible container can reduce any chance of spillage.
  5. Wipe the dipstick clean, and insert it back into the mower. Remove it once more and check the level. If it looks good, your all set! If it’s beyond the max line or under the fill line, adjust as necessary by adding more or removing some using the same method outlined above.
What You'll Need
10W-30 Motor Oil
$6.64 All purpose synthetic SAE 10W-30 motor oil for use in lawn mowers.